Must read:Married Men Share Their Experience With Unilag Girls 

Good morning Martinswap,r Am never going to date any Unilag girl again in my life. My children dear not bring them Home. I want to share My story. I took this girl Out on a date. For trips and all, I spent over 70k in one night. i didn’t mind. I had the money. On My way to drop her at home, my car had a fault, she offered to call her cab guy who showed up in less then 20 minutes. She said let her go with the cab man that she will bring her mechanic. this was still around 6.30 p.m, In my Mind i was so Impressed. I said to myself. Maybe she is the One for me. I waited for 2 Hours she didn’t call or pick up. Next Thing her Phone went off. by that time it was 8p.m and dark. I took a yellow taxi home. i was still worried about her when i saw pictures of her on her friend snap. They were at Hard Rock cafe Lekki having fun. I said to my self, this girl is not Good. Do You no it’s been 2 weeks and she never contacted me to see if am alive or dead. I pity the men who will marry some girls. Have Learnt.
Second man narrate

I saw a mail regarding unilag girls on your page. It is so true. I have moved now to private school. Private School are a a little bit of omo butter. Unilag Girls can ask for money like there life depends on it. Some of them even carry POS. they are Always paying for hostel or final year project every other week. I had to ask this girl you have been in final year for 2 years now. I prefer the convant and Babcock Ones. Those ones are budgeted well. Unilag is 60k Maxi. Babcock and covenant 30k maxi, and buy them recharge card for SMS. i want to share my experience with Unilag girls. I lodged this girls like to do snapchat, facebook, IG-ing of the hotel room to act like they pay for it. have had experiences where Unilag girls take picture of me naked. Or bed room romance selfies. I seized her phone and deleted it all before my wife will now see it on blogs.martinswap, I love what you do enlightening Young Ones oUt there. Aye Kan lo wa. Bless Up !


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