University Girl in Abia Lea.ks Online

A young lady of Abia state University was seen having the best fun of her life. As I heard, it was made to know that she actually sent the video to her ex-boyfriend before they went their separate ways and unknowing to her the guy leaked the video online for reasons not known to anyone.

This is why we need to be careful of what we do on camera as it could result to something else. Whether it has actually brought her the fame she wanted or led her to her doom is none of my business. Well, she seems to be enjoying the whole thing… University Girl in Abia Leaked Se3 tape ‘PLANTAIN’

What will shock you is what she was actually inserting in there’. I mean for crying out loud ‘GET A MAN’. Aren’t men good enough anymore?

This young lady was penetrating herself with a PLANTAIN. I mean a ‘PLANTAIN’. We’re still talking about the ‘cucumber’ that was used in the Miss Anambra se3 tape, now she comes up with this.

And now what baffles me the most is that she went ahead squirting all over the place. Yes, I just said it ‘SQUIRT’. What a mess!

Just one question, aren’t some ladies scared of the several infections this may cause to you? Just saying anyway


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