Charly Boy Speaks On Corrupt Politicians

The 65 – year- old in a series of posts on social media blasted politicians of in the country. He said they are corruptly ”connected ” and ” criminally bonded”.

Charly Boy who proclaimed himself ”President of Frustrated Nigerians” said he would ”take the first bullet ” in a resistance to the ” political insensitivity and mindless looting ” of the commonwealth of Nigeria .

He posted on Facebook:
”DON ’ T ASK for a Revolution ; Be the Revolution . Do not wish Nigeria achieve Real Change ; Be the Change . Do not wail for that which is troubling this country ; Fight to fix it and make the country great again. Do not hail the Corrupt and destroyers of our Dreams ; Expose and ridicule them . The Politicians are Corruptly Connected ; Criminally Bonded and Fearful of the MOB ; The People . We must be audacious in our Demands ; we must be Fearless in our Agitation and we must be ready to sacrifice our all for this Country .

I will take the First Bullet ; let me body be the first to drop ; Let my Blood be the first to wash our LANDS. But let no Nigeria turn back once we begin this Resistance to Political Insensitivity and Mindless Looting of our Commonwealth; Let no Nigerian Walk Alone… The Nigerian Politician in an Enemy ; The Nigerian People are the Victim and it is time to channel our anger towards a Peaceful Revolution . We must stop being the Victim and we must become


15 th November, 2016 is the Beginning ; the end is unknown. We the people are being cannibalised by Criminal Politicians in the Executive; Judiciary and Legislature . This battle will fight all for the interest of this Nation . Like President Muhammadu Buhari once famously noted ; “ Be Afraid of the Consequences of Your Actions ”. Only the guilty should be Afraid because we the People are coming .

Let the Spartan Spirit of the Suffering Nigeria emerge . For in our quest for National Rebirth , the Force of One will energize 300 ; Whose Strength will Lead 3 , 000 ; whose doggedness will Drive 300 , 000 , whose voices will awaken 3 , 000 , 000 ; and whose feet will march for 180 , 000 , 000 Nigerians .

THIS IS WAR ; This is the Time to



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