See 7 Phrases/Slang Nigerians Have Adopted From The Jenifa dairy Series

It ’ s so bad some of us have actually forgotten the correct English phrases. Besides who oyinbo English don epp ? I think it’ s about time Nigerian’ s adopt their own English Language and make it official . It makes communication fun.

Here a 7 slangs Nigerians have adopted from the Jenifa Diary series :

1 . “ Yels ” – Meaning Yes

2 . “ What I Do” – Meaning What Have I Done ?

3 . “ Wanever” – Meaning Whatever

4 . “ Henemies” – Meaning Enemies

5 . “ How Is Your Parenting ?” – Meaning How Are Your Parents ?

7 . “ I Am Priding In You” – Meaning I ’ m Proud Of You

Never been to Naija ? Just learn these catch slangs and you’ re good to go .


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