20 Ways To Keep Your Girlfriend Obsessed With You💜

1 . Tell her she’s ‘BEAUTIFUL’ Not hot or Sexy.

Most guys tend to make this mistake, you compliment her by saying she is hot and sexy , wtf? You should only do that with call girls(ashewos),hoes etc.

  1. Hold her hand, just because you love her.

You should always hold hands with your babe most times, girls at times feel so insecure , i have experience this a lot of times. I and my girl friend took a walk down the street, some guys started whistling trying to get her attention. I held her hand.. You just have to see how she clung on. Hold hands everytime.

  1. Leave her voice messages to wake up to.

Don’t over do this one ooo..but it works ,Drop a voice message on her whatsapp or facebook messenger.sing her favourite song. And say you love her.do this ones in a month

  1. Wrestle with her, and let her win.

Girls like to be superior even when they know we are , you can initialize a pillow fight or wrestling with her and let her win[fun huh]?

  1. Hug her from behind.

You own her, grab her from behind. In the kitchen, while she is doing laundry.etc

  1. Don’t hang out with your ex when she’s not around. It kills her inside.

This one right here breaks relationship like die. Bruh, dont try it !

  1. If you talk to another girl,

walkover to her after you’re done

and kiss her.

Gives her the assurance you aint gonna double date or ditch her.

  1. Write her notes or call her just to say I love you.

It’s necessary.

  1. Introduce her to your friends, as your girlfriend/wife.

Bruh if you do this, her head will swell like garri. I assure you. It also gives her the assurance that she is here to stay.

  1. Play with her hair.

her hair is just like her skin, play with her hair, when she lies down on your laps.

  1. Pick her up, even when she says no.

You have a car or not Pick her up from work, or school.

  1. Get upset if she gets unwanted contact from someone else.

Real men will scold their spouse anytime anyday. But dont do this publicly and always, if you do, she will think you are jealous

  1. Make her laugh,just because you love to see her smile.

Crack jokes. Try to have a good sense of humor.

  1. Let her fall asleep in your arms.

  2. If she’s mad at you, kiss her,don’t fight back.

I know of girls that can nag like hell, dont get angry if she is mad at you, move close and kiss her when she is still nagging to keep her shut/calm.

  1. If you care about her, tell her,or else she won’t come back.

  2. Every girl should receive three

presents from her guy:

a teddy bear(she’ll hug it when she goes to sleep),jewelry (she’ll treasure it forever), and one of your shirts (she’ll wear it to bed).

  1. Treat her the same with your

friends as when you are alone.

  1. Look her in the eyes and give her your best smile.

She finds this hot, trust me

  1. Hang out with her on the weekends,because she’s important

to you.

Weekends only! Dont over do it, i have my reasons.


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