Short Story: When Tears Brings Yes – Episode 1

​Amaka was a beautiful and classy christian lady who had everything going for her. A job in a top shot company with her own office and personal assistant. Her major and only flaw was her dictatorial fiance .Micheal. He was a business man and a choir master in the church they both attended. Her few friends wonder what she saw in him, he dictates what she wears, how she wears them, her friends are not good enough he always says. He finds fault with every thing she does. One fateful evening, Micheal called her and informed her of a three day crusade going on in his neighborhood. She told him she was tired maybe she would attend it tomorrow

Micheal insisted that she should get dressed and come, knowing how persistent he could be she grumpily agreed to attend the crusade that evening.

She quickly showered and got dressed. She picked her car keys and headed out. On the way her car broke down.

She checked her wrist watch and saw that the time was 7.30 pm. She came down from the car and checked the bonnet of the car but couldn’t seem to know what was wrong with it. She attempted to re _start the car several times but got frustrated and came out of the car slamming the door angrily.

She stood looking at the car. The car had chosen to break down in a remote area leading to her fiance’ s hood. There was no one around she could ask for help so she decided to take a short cut route.

She called Micheal to inform him of the unfortunate development and he advised her to take the short cut route.

She ended the call and was about to walk towards the route when she paused. She thought she heard a sound. She became scared and was about to break into a run when she heard the sound again. This time it was clearer. She stood rooted to the spot in shock unable to believe what she just heard. She mentally willed her legs to move but they refused to comply.

She saw herself moving towards the sound. Its force was greater than her strength, she wanted to flee and put it all behind her. She wanted to pretend she didn’t just hear the cry of a baby but the sound of that little helpless voice like a magnet drew her towards the little bush it was coming from.

She walked further, almost breaking into a run following the sound of the little voice. She saw something wrapped in a rags laying in a cartoon. She gently lifted the bundle into her arms. Afraid she might drop him or her.

She looked around but there was no one in sight. She gently placed the bundle on her shoulder and walked as fast as her legs could carry her to Micheal ‘ s house.

All the way there she wondered if she was doing the right thing. She knew nothing about babies, she doesn’t even know who the one she held belonged to or why the mother dumped the poor thing in the first place. A sudden dark thought popped into her head and she tried desperately to push it back to where ever it had come from. What if she was arrested and accused of murdering the mother and stealing the baby. No that’s just too dark a thought.

The gateman opened the gate for her, looking at the child sleeping soundly on her shoulder with curiosity shining in his eyes but he dared not ask. Speaking or even thinking of speaking to his boss’ s woman would be the end of his employment.

He opened the gate for her and went back to his little room. Amaka was about to search for Micheal ‘s keys in her handbag when she remembered that she had left them at home. She thought of asking the gate man if he had a spare key. Just the thought of it sent a chill down her spine. Micheal would have a fit if he knows she dallied (his word)with his help.

She brought out her phone and sent him text messages. Asking him to hurry back that she was at his place. She waited for his reply but when none came, she dialed his number, she heard it rang for some minutes before she saw number busy on the screen of her phone.

The baby whimpered and she patted it on the back. She sat down on the door steps and waited for her Fiance to come. He would know what to do.

At 9.30 pm, Micheal drove in to the compound. She kept up happily. He would do the right thing she thought. He knows the right steps to be taken in this situation.

She walks towards him but stopped short at the expression on his face as he stepped out of the car. She didn’t give him a chance. She hurriedly told him what happened.

He looked at her like she had grown four heads. He walked towards her, and she stepped back in fright. ” Take that thing back to wherever you picked it from!” She didn’t understand. She thought maybe she didn’t hear him well but he continued angrily ” Take that filthy thing in your hand back to whoever you picked it from or we are done!”

She couldn’t believe her ears. How could he be so cruel and unfeeling, she knew he never made an idle threat. She was 34, all her siblings are happily married with kids. She couldn’t afford to do anything to jeopardize her relationship with Micheal.

She was torn. She could easily race back and dump the baby where she picked him from or she could try to help the baby and then what? She owe this child nothing! She wants to be addressed as a Mrs too but what did the bible say about helping others?

Micheal walked past her almost knocking her down. He opened his door and slammed it heavily the sound woke the sleeping baby. The poor thing cried out loud. Amaka stood there uncertain what to do next. To take the baby back to the dump or try to help and risk losing Micheal?

story continue

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