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GOBE! Husband & Wife Discover They Are Biological Twins After DNA Test

A US married couple are in shock after a DNA test revealed that they are biological twins.

According to PUNCH, ‘The couple, who were struggling to conceive a child, had visited a fertility clinic, but during the in vitro fertilisation process the doctor discovered there are too many similarities in their DNA profiles.

Investigations, however, revealed that the twins had been separated at a young age after their biological parents died in a car accident. They were adopted into different families, with neither foster family not knowing their adopted child had a twin.

The devastated couple was left at a loss with what to do, as marriage between siblings is outlawed in the southern state. Neither the couple, who met and fell in love in college, nor doctor can be named for patient confidentiality reasons.

“They were attracted to each other due to their similarities. They felt they could really connect with each other. If only they had known the truth, it could have saved them so much pain later on,” the doctor told Mississippi Herald.

“For me, it’s a particularly unusual case because my job is all about helping couples conceive a child. This is the first time in my career that I’ve been glad I haven’t succeeded in that regard.”

The penalty for marrying a sibling in Mississippi is up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $500

MUSIC: Real Me by rafzzy ft so_jay and easy

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This guys are badt,this song have been anticipated by many people,title REAL ME 

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UAE’s top diplomat defends Donald Trump’s travel ban

Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan said the order, which bars citizens from seven mainly Muslim countries entering the US, was a “sovereign decision” on immigration which America had every right to take.

He said it was wrong to say the move was “directed against a particular religion” and added that most of the world’s Muslim-majority countries had not been affected by the order.

Sheikh Abdullah spoke at a news conference following talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Abu Dhabi.

He said: “This is a temporary ban and it will revised in three months, so it is important that we put into consideration this point.

“Some of these countries that were on this list are countries that face structural problems.

“These countries should try to solve these issues… and these circumstances before trying to solve this issue with the United States.”

The Emirates, itself a Muslim-majority country, is one of the United States’ closest Arab allies.

It is part of the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group and hosts American troops and warplanes involved in operations.

It was announced that 872 refugees will be allowed to enter the US this week after officials said stopping them would cause “undue hardship”.

The administration clarified that dual nationals will be able to use their second passports to gain entry.

Donald Trump puts Iran ‘on notice’ over ballistic missile test

Retired US Army lieutenant general Michael Flynn said the Trump administration was taking a stand over the test “that put American lives at risk”.

Earlier, Iranian defence minister Hossein Dehghan confirmed reports that Tehran launched a medium-range ballistic missile on Sunday, but said the test did not violate a UN Security Council resolution that bans Iran from developing missiles that can carry nuclear warheads.

However, Mr Flynn said Tehran had defied the resolution and hit out at Iran’s “destabilising behaviour across the Middle East”.

He said: “President Trump has severely criticised the various agreements reached between Iran and the Obama Administration, as well as the United Nations, as being weak and ineffective.

“Instead of being thankful to the United States for these agreements, Iran is now feeling emboldened.”

Despite announcing Mr Trump had put Iran “on notice”, Mr Flynn did not outline what action the US would take.

On Monday, a US official said the test missile exploded after travelling 630 miles.

The following day, Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said he hoped Iran’s defence programme would not be used by Mr Trump “as a pretext to create new tensions”.
Tehran has said it will take “proportionate legal, consular and political action” over the executive order, while Iranian president Hassan Rouhani warned Mr Trump “will cost the US a lot until he learns what is happening in the world”.

He said: “(Mr Trump) is new to politics. He has been in a different world. It’s a totally new environment to him.”

Lady Announces She Needs A Man For Marriage. But People Can’t Stop Laughing & Talking (See Why)

If you need a wife, then this lady is ready for marriage. Anyone for this LADY? She needs a husband and here are the qualification. Below is what she is looking for in a man, Eh! Eh! That’s if her criteria and her grammar don’t chase you off. That’s exactly why people have been sharing it and laughinglaughing

A woman  delivered  baby with two heads On one body

Two heads are better than one — so goes the popular saying.

But there are times when two heads are a big problem, such as with a new born baby delivered on Tuesday at a hospital in Ogudu on the outskirts of Lagos.

It has two heads with oxygen tube strapped on each, a neck, chest, two legs and two hands.

Doctors at Med-In Specialist Hospital, Osogbo Street, who took the delivery, said the baby was born around 6:30pm on Tuesday through an elective caesarean section. Its mother, surgeon and nurses entered the theatre prepared to take delivery of a set of twins as indicated by the various scans she underwent in the course of the pregnancy.

But what they saw were two heads sharing a body.

At the hospital yesterday, it was gathered that the baby was resuscitated and transferred to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) for advance care.

According to one of the nurses who was in the delivery room, they had prepared two cots for each of the twins but were shocked when they saw that they were conjoined.

“This is the first time I am seeing anything like this. I have watched it in movies but seeing it in real life was such an experience for me. Thankfully, the surgeon ensured that they survived.

“As I speak to you, the mother doesn’t know the condition of the babies. She still believes and expects to carry her twins. We haven’t told her yet. Only her husband was brought into the theatre to see his children and he was the one who went with the doctors to LUTH,” said the nurse.

In medical parlance, the condition is known as Parapagus. It is a rare form of partial twinning where there are two heads and two necks side by side on one torso.

JAMB to introduce CCTV cameras in examination halls

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), has said that all computer-based centres to be accredited for the registration of 2017 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), must now have Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras.

This was revealed by JAMB Registrar, Professor Ishaq Oloyede, during an interactive meeting with operators of CBT centres from across the country, at the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

Oloyede explained that this was necessary, to avoid errors of the past.

He also stated that the new process has made cybercafe operators redundant, as the computer-based centres to be accredited must have 250 desktop or laptop systems in a single room, with provision for additional 25 systems as back-ups.

Oloyede said: “What we have said is that we are in a period of change, and what that means is that everything we have been doing must be reviewed. Whatever we have been doing rights will have to be reinforced while what were doing wrongly will be changed.

“For the purpose of the CBT centres, we have to introduce the CCTV so that whatever that is going on at our centres can be monitored anywhere in the world.

“We are also standardizing the CBT centres so that all CBT centres will have 250 computers with 10 per cent of the figure as backups.”

Blasts kill dozens near Istanbul’s Besiktas stadium In Turkish city

Two explosions have hit the Turkish city of Istanbul, killing at least 29 people, mostly police personnel, and wounding more than 160 others, according to authorities.
Most of those killed were police but two civilians are also amongst the dead, she said.

“I heard two loud explosions within 30 seconds of each other,” Omer Yilmaz, a cleaner at the nearby Dolmabahce Mosque, told Al Jazeera.

“I saw flames. I walked towards the police bus which was on fire and and I saw policemen inside.”

In a statement, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: “A terrorist attack has been carried out against our security forces and our citizens. It has been understood that the explosions after the Besiktas-Bursaspor football game aimed to maximise casualties. As a result of these attacks unfortunately we have martyrs and wounded.”

Police evacuated the area around the Besiktas football arena following the explosions, which the interior ministry said was a car bomb attack. The second explosion at a nearby park was reportedly carried out by a suicide bomber.

The arena is located across the historic Dolmabahce Palace overlooking the Bosphorus Strait.

Our correspondent said all the roads leading to the arena have been closed to the public. Public transportation were also suspended, she said.

She said the blasts occurred about two hours after a football match attended by thousands of people at the Besiktas Vodafone arena.

Unilag Law Student Makes Ankara Ties

Buraimoh Kikiope, a 200l Law student, University of Lagos , UNILAG has said that the current economic situation drove him into making corporate ties with Ankara fabrics for clients both home and abroad.

Speaking to Quadlife, Kikiope said it was high time Nigerian youths became creative rather than continuously languish in despair and alter helplessness.

His words, “I am known as EkAfricanclassic. What inspired me into creating ties with Ankara is the present situation of joblessness among the youths of Nigeria.

I feel it is time we the youths become creative and come up with ideas. “Okikiope said the success story of business mogul, Aliko Dangote made him to task himself with business ideas.

In the process, he found love in the use of fabrics to make fancy ties. “ I had started reading of Dangote and this spurned me to believe that I can make a difference with my ideas; “I could make 50 ties in the middle of the night.

I am aiming to be the number one distributor of Ankara ties in the continent,”

The young undergraduate said since October he started showcasing his products, he has garnered patronage inside and outside the shores of Nigeria through his use of the social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.

See List Of Smartphones Offering Support For Glo 4G Services (Band 28)

Nigeria telecommunications company Globacom a while back launched their GLO 4G LTE services and officially joined the 4G LTE gang!!!

However, while Glo offers awesome 4G services coupled with some pretty amazing 4G data bundles, it is a bit of a letdown that they offer support for the service (4G LTE) only on Band 28.

This might not seem like quite a big deal until you come to cognizance of the fact that most 4G LTE supported smartphones currently in circulation in the country (NGR) does not support 4G LTE services on Band 28.

It is known fact that MediaTek devices have flooded the smartphone market and most of these smartphones like I mentioned do not support Band 28.

This discovery further buttresses the importance of checking out the features of a smartphone thoroughly to ascertain it meets your needs before slimming down your wallet to acquire it (especially considering the current economic situation in the country).

Having discovered this, I have decided to put up a list of smartphones that DO support the Glo 4G Band i.e Band 28


Lumia 950
Samsung Galaxy A3
Samsung Galaxy A5
Samsung Galaxy A7
Samsung Galaxy A8
Samsung Galaxy A9 pro
Samsung Galaxy J7
Samsung Galaxy J5
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (the most “explosive” device of the year!!!)
Alcatel Pop 4
Alcatel Pop 4 Plus
Alcatel Pop 4S
Apple iPhone SE
Apple iPhone 6
Apple iPhone 6S
Apple iPhone 6S plus
Apple iPhone 6 plus
Apple iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Apple iPhone SE
ASUS Zenfone 3
Asus Zenfone 2
Blackberry DTEK 50
Blackberry DTEK 60
Google Nexus 6P
HTC One A9s
HTC 10
HTC One S9
HTC Desire 10 Pro
Motorola Moto X Play
Motorola Nexus 6
Motorola Moto X Style
Motorola Moto X Force
Motorola Moto X Play
Motorola Moto E Dual SIM (2nd gen)
Motorola Moto G Dual SIM (3rd gen)
Motorola Moto G Turbo Edition
Motorola Moto G4
Motorola Moto G4 Plus
Oppo F1s
Sony Xperia XZ
ZTE Axon 7
The above is a list of smartphones supporting 4G Band 28.


However, if you do not have any of these device and use the more popular MediaTek brands such as Infinix, Tecno, Gionee etc, then to enjoy Glo 4G Lte services you have to go get yourself a Glo MiFi device which goes for about bN25,000 (Oh, well…)

If you DO have any of the above listed devices, then you should go ahead without further ado, activate and enjoy Glo 4G LTE services!!!

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Must Read:“Advantages Of Early Marriage For Both Men & Women”

When you get married late or at the nick of time, planning a future together happens at a fast pace. But, early marriages aren’t this way, which is why it is better.Modern couples prefer to tie the knot soon after the approval of parents.Here are some advantages og getting married early.

Early getting married advantages are:

1.Easy To Adjust With Partner: Younger people adapt easily to changing environments since it is easier for them to break bad habits as compared to people who are older in age.

2.You Are More Fertile: After the age of 35 years, you become less fertile. Women who get pregnant after this age face numerous pregnancy problems. Therefore, getting married early saves you from this trouble.

3.More Time With Partner: You get to spend more time with your partner when you get married early. Settling for an early marriage also helps you to know your in-laws better.

4.Get To Fulfill Your Dreams: People think that marriage puts a stop to fulfilling one’s dreams. But, if you find the right partner, one who understands your needs and goals, it is better off to get married early.

5.More Time For Lovemaking: There is more time for lovemaking when you marry early. This is one of the main advantages of getting married early. It is at this age where you also get the time and energy to try out new positions to please your partner in the bedroom.

6.Look Younger For Longer: When you get married at an early age, people will soon start to compliment you on your looks. This is one of the advantages of getting married early.

7.Brings Out The Maturity: Getting married young brings out the responsibility and maturity in you. Both the wife and husband become more mature and responsible and settle into their roles easily as life moves on.

  1. 8.Be Energetic Parents: Marrying young also has the benefit of having children early, making it easier for the couple to raise them since they themselves will be young and full of energy and will be able to relate to their children more.

JAMB Important Information To All Candidate that have not been given admission For 2016/2017

All candidates who have been offered provisional admission for the 2016/2017 academic session to institutions they did not choose as their most preferred institution (First Choice) or did not choose at all that they are to proceed to JAMB portal: JAMB to make the institution that have offered them admission their most preferred choice.

The same applies to candidates who have been offered courses different from the one they originally applied to study.

Candidates are to ensure they complete this process on or before December 9th, 2016 to enable JAMB change their admission letters and also adjust their records accordingly.

After effecting the changes as described above, candidates are expected to visit the school that have offered them admission with the confirmation slip that was printed out from jamb website for admission validation.

HouseHouse of Reps Want Petrol Sold At N70 Per Litre

The House of Representatives on Tuesday urged the Petroleum Products Prices Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) to review the current price template for Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) with a view to reducing the price to N70.

This followed the adoption of a motion sponsored by Rep. Abubakar Fulata titled “Urgent Need to Review the Petroleum Price Template”.

Moving the motion, Fulata expressed dismay over the circulating rumour of a possible hike in the price of petrol in the country.Although the rumour was denied by the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Fulata said it was coming at a time when the nation is going through difficult times.

According to him, the hard times are occasioned by dwindling revenues, high inflation rate, unemployment and general fall in the standard of living of many Nigerians.

The lawmaker noted that the current template for the price of PMS could be reviewed downwards without affecting the profit margin of marketers and transporters.

The review would also contribute to reducing the current inflationary trend in the economy.

“I am aware that the current cost of freighting PMS stands at N109.1, Lightering expenses N4.56, Nigeria Ports Authority charges N0.84, NIMASA charges N0.22, Financing N2.51 and Jetty put charges at N0.60.

“Storage charges N2.00, retailers margin N6.00, transport allowance N3.36, dealers margin N2.36, bridging fund N6.20 and marine transport average put at N0.15 bringing the total cost to N137.81,” he said.

He further informed the House that the landing cost of PMS remained at N119.74, while the distribution cost and margins of marketers stood at N18.37.

“Thus, the total of both the landing and distribution costs is N138.11, while marketers are allowed to sell the product within the range of N140 and N145 per litre.

Fulata further noted that over 90 per cent of the current price of PMS in the country is accounted for by transport related charges at N124.34 out of N138.11.

According to him, foreign vessels charge higher for lifting the PMS because Nigerian carriers which were supposed to lift 50 per cent of the products lack the capacity to do so.

He faulted the NPA’s inability to dredge the ports despite collecting N0.84 for every litre of petrol thereby costing Nigerian users the sum of N4.56 for every litre of petrol they buy.

“Bridging is supposed to be an annual event only when refineries are carrying out their turn around maintenance which should not exceed three months.

“However, due to the fact that pipelines linking the various depots have been vandalised or in a state of disrepair, bridging has remained a permanent feature of the oil industry in Nigeria,’’ he said.

He said that if the pipelines linking the various depots and refineries could be fixed and secured, the bridging fund could be reduced to N2.00 per litre instead of the current N6.20.

“Also a realistic template would bring down the price of petrol to N70.04,” he added.

The House therefore urged the NPA to dredge all harbours within a period of one year to enable ship dock in them.

House also set up an ad-hoc committee to interface with the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources on the review of the price of PMS and such related matters and report back within weeks for further legislative action.

Photos: Pretty Female Soldier Posted To NYSC Camp in Lagos will Blow you Away

​This pretty and sexy female soldier is the rave of the moment online due to obvious reasons. The jovial and gallant officer identified as Queen is what most corps members would want as their instructor at their orientation camps. The hot soldier has already been mobbed by the new batch of corpers at the NYSC camp in Lagos -who were delighted to take pictures with her.

COMEDY:when you think you can act like “white” in African parents present

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Disgraceful Habits Displayed By Nigerian Policemen In Public Place

​Our policemen are widely seen as ignorant, corrupt, unprofessional, inefficient and uncultured law enforcement agents who ride on citizens and also exhibit some disgraceful habits in public places which are mentioned below
1. Drinking and Smoking Irresponsibly

It’s very degrading to see an ASP cadre officer in uniform gulping beer and completely drunk at beer palour. Many a times, they will mobilize themselves to a local herbal shop just to drink jedi and smoke marijuana. That’s why we often hear cases of policemen who got drunk and shoot people dead. This disgraceful habit is very common with police officials in remote areas.

  1. Incessant Hailing of Politicians and Wealthy Men

Most policemen, out of stomach infrastructure, shamelessly hail politicians and wealthy men at check points. You will see their two hands in the air shouting “baba ooooo” at the top of their voice. Sometimes, some of them escorts these wealthy men with koboko for the sake of providing safety to them, and will be flogging innocent drivers who fail to maintain their lane or give way.

  1. Womanizing in line of Duty

According to reports, many policemen have used

duress to snatch other people’s house wives and girlfriends at check points. I could recount my ugly experience with some police officers when traveling with my okada alongside my girlfriend all the way from Ado-Ekiti to Lagos. We were arrested for over speeding by some police officers stationed at the Shagamu when one of them took my girlfriend to an isolated place and began to propose to her with AK47. I was just wailing inside of me but couldn’t utter a word because any statement uttered would make them seize my okada and make false allegations against me at the station.

  1. Arresting without warrant

Police, who are nicknamed the friend of the people, are even our enemies who are fond of arresting civilians without warrant. In Lagos, policemen raise money by patrolling from street to street with danfo bus, thereby, arresting any young man spotted with iPhone or laptop bag as they’re seem as yahoo boys. I think it’s about that time the govt intervenes in the injustice policemen perpetuate on innocent citizens

  1. Passing one-way Route

I know many will agree with me that, policemen, who are meant to enforce laws are even non-adherence to traffic laws. They cause traffic congestion by taking one-way route and will look for a scape goat that will suffer for it.

  1. Chasing Commuters/Motorists For Bribes

Many of them have even lost their lives when chasing commuters and motorists on the expressway. When a motorist tries to run from them in order to avoid giving bribe, they will chase him and clip unto his vehicle without the fear of an oncoming trailer. This disgraceful habit is very common with police officials at Ojuelegba, Isolo, Oshodi, etc.

  1. Urinating and Defecating in public places

As funny as it sounds, some of them are as guilty as agbero boys who defecate and pee on expressway without even minding if ladies are looking at their joysticks. I think the govt should be blamed for not installing adequate toilets at police stations

  1. Visiting the Brothel in Uniform

Don’t get me wrong cos I’m not trying to say that it’s a crime for a policeman to use his joystick judiciously on prostitutes after a strenuous day at work. All I’m trying to say is that it’s very bad to carry out this barbaric act in uniform.The Nigerian Police Force really needs to clean up its image by taking disciplinary action against any policeman who visits the brothel in uniform.

  1. Threatening To Shoot Civilians At Any Slight Provocation

We all know that many of them automatically become gods as long as they’re carrying guns. They’reusually very quick to threaten to kill any civilian who is culturally familiar with his or her constitutional rights, or those who argue with them. Disciplinary action really needs to be taken against any erring officer who shoots nor kill civilians over irrelevant things

  1. Unraveling people’s Secret

During investigation, some of them try to distress from the subject matter and will be asking irrelevant questions. This reminds me when a police officer harassed me as a suspected yahoo boy. He went as far as checking my phone contacts and wallet, only for him to find a condom in it. He began to preach to me that God frowns against premarital sex and I explained to him that I’m born again and sexually restrained until wedding night and that I only kept the condom in my wallet till my wedding night. He bundled me into the police van and took me to the station as a potential rapist.

I drop my pen at this juncture

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